Our products

Our technologies

Google Cloud Platform & AppEngine

Based on Google's core infrastructure, it is a robust, reliable and scalable environment. We use several modules for various purposes, including data storage, hosting, computing, cloud storage and APIs.


Our main products are built with Java, a long-standing, mature programming language with excellent support. This ensures that our products remain fast and secure.

Flutter + Dart

We use Flutter framework and Dart programming language for our mobile apps and the majority of web interfaces. This secures the speed and safety of development, as well as interoperability among various platforms.

Open days

Want to see what we’re working on and how? Come and visit us on our open day! We’ll gladly show you our current developments and ideas under implementation.

Gameover nights

Sometimes you need to take a break; we regularly organize playful, interactive nights for our colleagues and friends. Pizza, beer and unforgettable stories guaranteed.


We warmly welcome and fully support our colleagues' interest in various meetups.


Summer internships

We regularly host university students for summer internship where they can learn about the operation of a startup workshop. During the internship, we provide training and constant support in their respective fields of interest, as well as independent tasks in our current projects.

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