Human-centered HR development for efficient and satisfied IT teams

What is slow.HR?

Skawa's background

We have been developing innovative IT solutions since 2008. The most successful products of our incubator are Jó, a community-based service finder website and, a website translation technology platform for making website translation simpler and more available in a wider circle. Like all software development companies, we came across the biggest challenge of the tech sector: our talented professionals are constantly bombarded with lucrative job opportunities while having great developers is a must for our growth, too. As a solution, we have created a new, people-centered organizational culture where community development organically blends with everyday operations of the company as it grows and changes - while striving to keep our startup roots.

slow.HR is an innovative method seeking to increase the commitment and well-being of our staff, primarily IT professionals.

In practice, the method of slow.HR includes individual coaching, mediation, thematic workshops and feedback sessions, where building trust and finding common solutions are given special importance. The outcomes of all these are turned into a daily routine, thus effectively transforming our organizational culture, which, therefore, also becomes much more attractive for job applicants.

slow.HR is not instant magic, but a long-term investment.

Caring for people is a communal responsibility, creating an added value which is reflected in our professional performance. However, in order to do it effectively and credibly, one also needs to pay attention to best practices in everyday life, mainly in regards to mutual learning, information exchange, feedback and conflict management.

The phases of cooperation:

Personal development, conflict management in the team.
Working individually with every team member, we assess local relationships and circumstances. This phase includes team conflict management if needed (peacemaker circles) and regular coaching for the leaders. (Depending on company size, 3 to 6 months, supported by the slow.HR consulting team.)
Analysis, findings and recommendations.
We perform and present a qualitative analysis and use it to make recommendations on constructive measures and further cooperation.
Taking actions
in accordance with the mutually agreed strategic goals, under the supervision of our dedicated slow.HR expert. (12 to 18 months)
supporting implementation with regular slow.HR consultation. (3 to 6 months)

We recommend it because...

  • it is proven and successfully working within our company – we developed the method based on the lessons learned from our achievements and mistakes.

  • it seamlessly integrates into your everyday activities.

  • slow.HR makes people responsible and independent – with the active involvement of the company management.

  • it uses the characteristics and development preferences of the individual as the starting point; we build on the individual strengths of the employees.

  • Knowledge acquired through working together stays with the company, enriching its operations every single day.

When we recommend it

  • Adapting to organisational changes
    We can effectively help companies in transformation or growth to understand and adapt to changes, as well as to move on.

  • Improving the communication and efficiency of existing teams
    We can significantly improve collaboration among team members, helping them to organize smoother work processes.

  • Improving conflict management and feedback culture
    By optimizing individual sensitivity, we can help you make giving, receiving and requesting feedback part of your everyday routine.

Who we recommend it to

  • Specifically, but not exclusively, to the IT sector
    Shortage in IT professionals is a critical issue for tech companies, but it is also a challenge for companies engaged in other areas to find and retain the right professionals, as well as to increase their performance and commitment. The methodology of slow.HR can be effectively used to achieve that as well.

  • Startup companies (still without an HR department), where the need to “manage people” arises, typically in the phase of fast growth.

  • Enterprises of any size, seeking to build a stable and committed team. The methodology of slow.HR can be equally effective for small, medium-sized and large companies, because it constantly re-programs the operation of the organization at the level of individuals as well as small teams, which, in turn, leads to the complete renewal of the company.

What's the next step?

If you find our approach attractive and have further questions, please contact us for a personal discussion about the situation of your organization and your company-specific needs. The meeting will also allow us to discuss the actual opportunities of cooperation, even at the level of an action plan.

Balázs Benedek

Co-founder, CTO

+36 30 972 2556

Gabriella Benedek

slow.HR Consultant

[email protected]

+36 70 6131965

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