Technology is our passion


Turning ideas into reality. From concept through planning to implementation.


We'll help you to develop a workplace that attracts and keeps the right people.

Our startups

Have a good idea?

We had one, then another one, and hope to have many more. A few examples are: Jó, Árminimum, Otthonró, We're working on great projects, but we're open to anything. Check out what we do.

Skawa was founded by two dedicated software developers, brought up on Skawa , with the world-changing mission of finding the simplest possible solutions to issues affecting people's lives.

The Skawa feeling

We spend most of our lives working, so we appreciate making it meaningful, there’s a joy in creating something together and valuing each other’s company more than profits.

We at Skawa are dedicated to making a mark of what we do. We don't want to develop for the drawer – what we create is intended to be used with pleasure by many, and to make life better for all of us.

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We spend most of our time in flow, and the rest in chill. If we had to pay for it, we'd still do the same :)



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